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How to Bid

Viewing properties

Once you have received your registration letter you can log on to start viewing properties.

Properties are advertised from Thursday to Tuesday each week. They are advertised in the following ways:

  • On the Property Site. You can view all of our available properties here. You can only bid for properties that you are eligible for. If you log on before you start viewing properties, you will only be shown properties you are eligible to bid for. You can access the internet for free at city libraries  and our access points . You may also be able to use your mobile phone, or other mobile device
  • On our weekly Property Newsletter. You can find a copy of this at our access points, or by downloading a copy.  The Property Newsletter contains the same properties you can see at our Property Site, but it doesn’t tell you which you are eligible to bid for.


Property adverts

Each advert holds a lot of information about the property, including:
• which of our landlords owns the property
• address
• the date you will be invited to visit the property if your bid is successful
• how many bedrooms it has
• how much the rent is
• requirements, such as a minimum age
• symbols explaining a range of other information.

Birmingham City Council rents and service charges are subject to a review in October each year. This means that rents may change from the time you have placed a bid on a property to when you move in.  Our housing association partners may also vary their rents, according to their own procedures.

Bidding for properties

When you have found a property that you would like to live in, and that you are eligible for, you need to make a ‘bid’.
You may only bid for a property that is suitable for your household size.  We will advise you in your registration certificate what property size you can bid for. In some circumstances it may be possible to apply for a smaller property than you are entitled to as long as this does not result in overcrowding.

You will always need your user name and PIN to make a bid.
You can bid in any of the following ways,

  • Online through our Property Site

If you are in our 1 bed queue, you will want to look at the full range of properties that suit your needs.  To do this, you will need to remember to select bedsize 0 on the property list and click "apply filters".    This will show you our range of studio type accommodation. 

You can then select 1 bedroom on our property list which will show you the range of 1 bed accommodation available to you. 

Read our user guide for more information about ways to bid.
You can bid for up to two properties each week. Bids will not be accepted after midnight on Tuesday.
You must be available to visit properties at the time stated to be considered for the property. Some landlords will contact you to arrange your visit.

Birmingham City Council Birmingham Social Housing Partnership
Birmingham Home Choice Property Site
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